IT Database Support

A Technical support role where the person will have to primarily look into some of the below aspects along with a knowledge of ERPs:

  • IT Support for IA team
    • New access for users to tools used by IA team.
    • Support in access logging in and any further issues faced
  • Project Management for new initiatives
  • ETL/Connections in general, mechanism for data refreshes  
    • Establish DB connection with prodn systems to pull data into the audit database instance
    • Monitoring these data imports periodically to ensure that latest data exists.
    • Data extraction from SAP and other platforms – can be taught if user does not know SAP or Oracle cloud.
  • Liaise with other teams or vendors like Microsoft and fix any issues
    • Currently, their DB and tools are based on a laptop and they intend to migrate to cloud based platform. This resource will also help them manage this migration and they need to coordinate with multiple stakeholders.
  • Fix issues for users are facing database connection issues across multiple platforms
  • Working with IT to build the snowflake schema so that audit related data can be extracted.