Camunda Administrator
Camunda Administrator
Remote (Need candidates within CA)
A Camunda 8 Administrator is responsible for the installation, configuration, and administration of the Camunda BPM (Business Process Management) platform. They ensure the smooth operation of Camunda applications, handle system monitoring and performance optimization, and provide technical support to users. They collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and implement Camunda-based solutions that meet organizational needs.

• Install, configure, and maintain the Camunda BPM platform, utilizing Java and Spring Framework.
• Collaborate with business analysts and stakeholders to understand and analyze business requirements related to process automation and workflow management.
• Design and implement process models, workflows, decision tables, and forms using Camunda Modeler or similar tools, leveraging the BPMN engine of Camunda 8.
• Develop and implement custom plugins, extensions, and integrations with external systems using Java and REST API to enhance the functionality of the Camunda platform.
• Monitor the performance and health of the Camunda infrastructure, including application servers (e.g., Apache Tomcat, JBoss), databases (e.g., MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL), and middleware technologies (e.g., Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ).
• Troubleshoot and resolve technical problems related to Camunda applications, workflows, integrations, and frontend technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, React).
• Perform regular backups, disaster recovery planning, and ensure data integrity and security within the Camunda environment.
• Collaborate with development teams to deploy and test Camunda-based solutions in various environments, including development, testing, and production.
• Create and maintain technical documentation, including installation guides, configuration manuals, and troubleshooting procedures.
• Provide technical support and training to end-users, addressing their queries and issues related to Camunda applications and processes.
• Stay updated with the latest releases, features, and best practices of the Camunda BPM platform and recommend upgrades or enhancements as needed.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including developers, business analysts, and testers, to ensure successful implementation of Camunda-based solutions

Qualifications we seek in you!
Minimum Qualifications
• Proven experience as a Camunda Administrator or similar role, working with Camunda BPM platform version 8.
• Strong knowledge of Camunda BPM platform architecture, installation, configuration, and administration.
• Experience in designing and implementing process models, workflows, decision tables, and forms using Camunda Modeler or similar tools.
• Proficiency in Java programming language and experience with Spring Framework.
• Proficiency in AWS and Helm
• Familiarity with frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, and React.
• Experience in developing custom plugins, extensions, and integrations using Java and REST API.
• Solid understanding of databases (e.g., MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL) and middleware technologies (e.g., Apache Tomcat, JBoss) used in conjunction with Camunda.
• Experience in performance monitoring, tuning, and optimization of Camunda applications and infrastructure.
• Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills to identify and resolve technical issues in Camunda applications, workflows, and integrations.
• Knowledge of backup and disaster recovery procedures for Camunda infrastructure.
• Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with cross-functional teams and end-users.
• Ability to work independently, manage multiple tasks, and prioritize work to meet deadlines.
• Familiarity with Agile development methodologies is a plus.
• Camunda certification or training is desirable but not mandatory

Preferred Qualifications/ Skills
• Passionate about technology, problem solving, ability to adapt new skills, sharing expertise and knowledge
• Excellent client facing skills that include conducting compelling technical briefing & demonstrations. The person should have a technical curiosity to implement new technologies and articulate the solutions to the client