Threat Analyst/Cyber Security
Threat Analyst Technical Specialist supports security operations.
The professionals must play an active role in the detection of malicious activities. They must have excellent problem-solving skills and be able to perform research and analysis of data and information associated with any threat activity. The technical specialist must also be able to respond to threats and ensure continuous improvement through data analytics. The specialist is responsible for the development of analytical threat models. They should provide all the necessary functional guidance and direction to threat teams in the overall conduct of projects. They perform work activities under general guidance and direction. The professionals have to encourage the team performing expert-level research and technical analysis of intelligence. They should also look into the issues related to data support of threat studies. Threat Analyst Technical Specialist must offer advice, guidance and direction to the threat studies team. They should be able to take care of the other technical services such as design, development, installation and other wide-range of systems that support cyber intelligence functions. The professionals must handle any issues related to testing, integration and support. They have to organize and coordinate the technical activities. Job Description This Analyst must maintain and secure the enterprise-wide cyber systems and networks, come up with security initiatives that will provide timely and complete resolutions and work with advanced forensic tools and techniques for attack reconstruction.
Job duties will include: ● Developing analytical threat models ● Coordinating with the threat study teams and offering all necessary functional guidance to avoid any malicious activities ● Support the team with research and source analysis ● Develop analytical products using enterprise and all-source intelligence ● Conduct malware analysis and provide indicators for defensive measures ● Reverse engineer attacker encoding protocols ● Understand the attack signatures and techniques ● Perform network traffic analysis by using raw packet data, net flow, and IDS as it relates to cyber security and communication networks ● Must develop a custom signature and assess threat data from different sources ● Provide technical assistance to corporate representatives related to proposal development ● Must have an in-depth understanding of the concepts and threat forces ● Good working knowledge of advanced threat analysis technology in subjects such as telecommunications, computer science, and other is an added advantage ● Take charge of the collection methods, production resources and responsibilities ● Should have the necessary skills to take care of the highly classified information ● Responsible for managing the security of enterprise-wide networks ● Offer all the necessary support to cyber security initiative through predictive and reactive analysis ● Must articulate the emerging trends to the co-workers ● Coordinate the resources and provide timely and complete resolutions