Deskside Engineer
Deskside Engineer
Aliso Viego, CA
Job Description:

Deskside Services

We are looking for a professional and highly motivated Depot Services Technician to join our team. The Depot Services Technician will be essential to the smooth operation of our depot facilities. This position include maintaining inventories, assisting in the coordination of depot activities, performing maintenance, repairs, and inspections on managed IT equipment.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Equipment Maintenance:
⦁ Perform routine maintenance and coordinate repairs on IT equipment to ensure their optimal performance.
⦁ Conduct thorough inspections to identify and address issues promptly.
⦁ Keep detailed maintenance records and logs.
2. Inventory Management:
⦁ Maintain accurate inventory records of parts, tools, and equipment.
⦁ Monitor stock levels and reorder supplies as necessary.
⦁ Conduct regular audits to ensure inventory accuracy.
3. Depot Operations Support:
⦁ Assist in the coordination of depot activities, including equipment dispatch and returns.
⦁ Collaborate with team members to ensure a smooth workflow.
⦁ Follow safety protocols and maintain a clean and organized work environment.
4. Quality Assurance:
⦁ Perform quality checks and inspections before equipment is dispatched.
5. Customer Service:
⦁ Interact with customers and provide assistance as needed, ensuring a positive customer experience.
⦁ Address customer inquiries and concerns in a professional manner.
6. Reporting:
⦁ Prepare and submit reports on equipment maintenance and inventory levels.
⦁ Notify management of any significant issues or equipment failures.

Qualifications, Experience and Certifications we seek in you!
⦁ Proven experience in equipment maintenance, preferably in a depot or similar setting (Preferred)"
⦁ IT aptitude and troubleshooting skills.
⦁ Windows Machine Imaging
⦁ Basic computer skills for maintaining records and reports.
⦁ Excellent organizational and time-management abilities.
⦁ Strong attention to detail and a commitment to safety.
⦁ Good communication and interpersonal skills.