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Solutions Designer - Senior
Job Title: Solutions Designer 
Location: Toronto - Hybrid
Duration: Long Term


  • Design, drive setup and help to establish support of EHS solutions on OPS cloud
  • Develop, provision and maintain MOH EHS solutions’ configuration on top of the OPS cloud infrastructure
  • Work with relevant architects to ensure that the solution at every stage is aligned with the proposed/approved architecture
  • Develop solution documentation including configuration guides
  • Maintain the configuration in version control system (such as GitHub and Azure DevOps)
  • Re-produce configuration to multiple environments of the solution’s lifecycle (Dev-to-Prod) via automated CI/CD pipelines
  • Develop and maintain the above CI/CD pipelines to include:
    • re-usable cloud environment configuration on top of the OPS cloud
    • deployment of COTS and MOH-custom applications
    • related configuration components
  • Provide guidance to MOH Operations on:
    • optimization of solutions’ configuration via cloud native and 3rd party tools for optimal cost/performance ratio
    • solutions monitoring and troubleshooting
    • alerts and notifications
    • restoration/redeployment of a solution in the event of unrepairable environment crash
    • help to determine feasibility of environment repair vs. redeployment
  • Assist with 3rd level solutions troubleshooting
  • Stay up-to-date on MOH architecture roadmaps and cloud services lifecycle, upcoming new/end-of-life versions, changes in cloud service functionality and cost models and proactively notify the stakeholder
  • Guide the DR and failover exercised using and creating automated processes
  • Proven communication skills and technical leadership skills with an ability to identify areas for improvement and recommend solutions.
  • Work collaboratively with the architecture team to create the required architectural artefacts