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Web Specialist - Senior
Job Title: Web Specialist 
Location: Toronto - Hybrid
Duration: Long-Term


Responsibilities: Develops, updates, analyzes and edits content and functionality for websites; develops content strategy; integrating web initiatives into existing templates Review and ensure websites are standards compliant for the Government of Ontario. Review and advise on current effectiveness of websites (e.g. metrics and SEO) and provide recommendations Document best practices for ongoing maintenance of the Government of Ontario web presence General Skills: Experience in analysis, development, design, testing and implementation of websites Experience in accessibility testing and knowledge of accessibility principles and internationally recognized guidelines Experience with content creation and driving content strategy Awareness of emerging trends and directions in web and their application within the Government framework Knowledge and understanding of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA) and related regulations and standards Experience in standard web programming environments (e.g. HTML5, CSS3, XML, Javascript, ASP, .NET, PHP, Ruby.ASP, Java) Knowledge of Open Source software initiatives (e.g. Linux, WordPress, Drupal, Solr, Git, Apache) Familiarity with LAMP software stack and common variations Experience in migrating sites among various technology platforms User Experience Designer Skills Experience in interface design and testing Experience designing websites for multiple languages and audiences Proficiency with recognized methodologies for usability testing Ensure all-around consistency (style, fonts, images, and tone) Information Architect Skills Proficiency in constructing information architecture for sites Experience in developing metadata templates for sites Creating content using a variety of methods including blogs, presentations, animations, web graphics, videos and social media content Inventory of sites and content mapping to new templates Application Architect Skills Knowledge and experience with current web technologies and open source and cloud architectures, such as open source content management solutions (e.g. WordPress, various Search engines and web development frameworks and APIs), including design criteria, security and recovery procedures, code management and deployment practices, as well as experience in the development/preparation of technical specifications for installation, testing frameworks, and performance of integrated, multi- service systems. Knowledge of PHP, Java, JavaScript, Angular, Node, MySQL, MongoDB, Drupal, Twig, and Elasticsearch Assess performance and capacity of existing systems and make architectural recommendations for improving performance; and to develop/prepare technical documentation and architectural artefacts. Experience applying industry web and security standards and best practices Desirable Skills: Experience in migrating sites among various technology platforms Knowledge of business planning and websites within the OPS Ability to work with multiple stakeholders Knowledge and understanding of Enterprise Content Management Detailed knowledge of the Government of Ontario web standards, governance and legislative framework Experience in converting variable source document formats into accessible content Experience to edit content Promote content on social media Ability and proven technical knowledge in the area of mobile


Experience and Skill Set Requirements


The main function of the Senior Accessibility and Equity & Inclusion Specialist will be to lead accessibility efforts under our multi-year accessibility plan by prioritizing and managing initiatives, progress reports, and budgets. They will also work with internal stakeholders, external partners, and our networks to develop a sound understanding of our culture and opportunities for growth.


Additionally, the selected candidate will:

• Lead the Centre of Excellence’s accessibility plan and reporting with a focus on strategic planning

• Support and advise on the implementation of the areas of focus of Ontario’s Accessible by Design: 2022–2025 OPS Multi-Year Accessibility Plan https://www.ontario.ca/page/accessible-design-2022-2025-ops-multi-year-accessibility-plan

• Complete analysis of screen reader capabilities of the Cyber Security Ontario portal, present findings, and implement solutions

• Coordinate reporting for, and advise on all cyber education and awareness products

• Contribute to the implementation of Ontario’s Accessible by Design Multi-Year Strategy

• Develop presentations, reports and briefing notes for a range of audiences, including senior executives


The role requires the following competencies:


1. User Experience Design/ Quality Assurance- 25%

•  Provides quality assurance and user experience design expertise and advice to internal stakeholders on design principles and the development and implementation of best practices in accessibility to ensure compliance with legal requirements and industry best practices. Extensive experience in the analysis, development, design, testing and implementation of websites, as well as accessibility testing (such as screen readers) and knowledge of accessibility principles and internationally recognized guidelines.


2. Accessibility Liaison and Advice - 25%

•  Maintains ongoing liaison with cyber security staff and senior client ministry program management to facilitate working relationships on all accessibility planning, implementation and management matters by assessing accessibility needs and assisting asset custodians in the identification, design, and implementation of accessibility solutions.


3. Project Management - 25%

• Leads and/or carries out large scale and sensitive projects and/or significant components of other projects with accessibility design elements, to mitigate identified risk to an acceptable level, ensuring compliance and integration with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards and Ontario’s Accessible by Design: 2022–2025 OPS Multi-Year Accessibility Plan goals; provide supervision/technical direction to teams, coordinate development of design specifications, prepare reports, estimates, and feasibility studies.


4. Communication and Relationship Management Skills- 25%

• Demonstrated communication, consultative and advisory skills to act as the lead accessibility resource and provide expertise to ongoing contacts.