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Web UI Developer

Role: Web UI Developer
Location: PHX, AZ 

Job Description:

·API Security

·Scurity based User story

·Rest APIs


·HTTP security concepts

·Able to write java script code in the interview.

·Okta – if candidate don’t have Okta, then any Web Security experience.

·Must be having 2+ years of Experience on Okta API, Okta SDK, SAML and OIDC protocols.

·Must be having 10+ years of Experience and Expertise on NodeJS and HTML5, CSS3 without any frameworks.

·Must be having 2+ years of Experience and Expertise on NextJS.

·Must be having 2+ years of Experience on developing Reusable UI Screens with iOS and Android.

·Ability to prepare Responsive Web Content, Responsive Email Content.

·Ability to containerize microservices using NodeJS, Docker and Kubernetes.

·Awareness of web security patterns during development.

·Having experience on DevOps – Jenkins, SonarQube.

·Worked on Agile as well as Rapid Application Development methodologies.

·Ability to quickly prototype and take it to live.

·Ability to write unit testcases, load tests.

·Ability to tune web applications for best performance – loading, presentation.

·Individual contributor with ability to estimate, commit and deliver.