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Quality Assurance Analyst/Tester, Sr



Department of Children and Families


Statement of Work For CCWIS Program


QA Automation Engineer




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Department of Children and Families

DCF IS Division

505 Hudson Street

Hartford, CT 06106




The Department of Children and Families depends on the core mission-critical Federally-reimbursed SACWIS (Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System). The application is used by a large majority of roughly 3,400 employees including over 1,100 front line social workers and case managers, the application has been enhanced and modified continually to meet data capture and process functionality requirements driven by good child welfare case practice as well as State and Federal legislation and statute. Additionally, SACWIS continues to experience change chiefly in compliance with the 1991 Juan F. Consent Decree as well as the agency’s ongoing goal of improving the safety, permanency, and well-being of children in care. The agency is also undergoing an effort to replace its SACWIS system with a new CCWIS system working in collaboration with our federal and state partners.


DCF Information Systems provides technology expertise and services as well as an information systems infrastructure to the agency and its roughly 3,400 employees. DCF Information Systems strives to improve continually improving technology services that are cost-effective and of the highest effectiveness and quality.  DCF Information Systems is currently in the process of replacing its current SACWIS and engaged in a large three year project to redefine, redesign and modernize its systems and practices.




The agency needs the service of a QA Automation Engineer to work on SACWIS and CCWIS. The candidate will serve in the capacity of a QA Automation Engineer, will follow a well-defined vision of how IT and the business aligns and make sure that everyone is following the same principles, methodologies, and support activities per the direction of agency management.  The specific focus of this candidate will be the part of the team that will work on ETL's and data conversion as well to participate in the SDLC process of the new CCWIS system and work with the System Integrator to ensure the transfer of knowledge and ongoing maintenance of the solution.  Specifically, the candidate will be responsible to work alongside our QA Lead to assist with testing the ETL and Data conversions to ensure that conversions requirements are met whilst also ensuring that service qualities (Performance, scalability, extensibility, maintainability, security, interoperability) for now and for the future are achievable.

Specific Services Required:

In the role of the Automation QA Engineer, the following services are required:

·        Reviews all system requirements, test scripts, test scenarios to create appropriate testing workflow. Ensures that this set of high-level requirements is consistent, complete, correct, and operationally defined.

·        Reviews software components and collaborates with Development group, Product Owners, System Teams, and Operations to ensure best overall testing strategies, best practices and techniques for automated testing.

·        Interfaces with the design and implementation teams, so that any problems arising during QA can be resolved in accordance with the fundamental design concepts, and user needs and constraints.

·        Assist in all testing processes involving the migration and integration of new and legacy technologies.

·        Follows the testing standards and strategies and uses them correctly.

·        Interface with the user(s) and sponsor(s) and all other stakeholders to determine their (evolving) needs.

·        Follows the set standards for the automated testing software, policies, and execution.

·        Generates products such as automated functional tests, regression tests, load tests, and test scenario around ETL and data conversion.  

·        Responsible for creating automated test case scenarios for Agile Delivery Team to meet Acceptance Criteria

·        Reviews and understands the design and development of the database architecture including relational data structures, data marts, data dictionaries and logical and physical data models.

·        Develop and maintain efficient, well documented, test scripts custom to the integration of data and processes from the legacy systems to the new applications and technologies. 

·        Design, develop and implement ETL testing scripts that are consistent with the solutions for data ingestion, cleansing, business rules execution and Data Distribution.

·        Perform tests and validate data flows and ETL processes according to business requirements.

·        Ability to create complex SQL joins to test data migration requirements.

·        Expertise in querying and testing databases such as SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle.

·        Designing test scripts that validate the determined data conversion strategy from legacy to new platforms.

·        Involvement in all stages like Requirements gathering, Data mapping, Data extraction, Data loading, Data testing, documentation, performance optimization and maintenance.

·        Excellent communication, presentation, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.

·        Demonstrated ability to deliver business and technical value.

·        Must be very organized, pro-active and self-directed. Must be able to perform with minimal supervision.

·        Must have very strong abstract thinking and problem-solving skills.

·        Must have very good verbal and written communication skills.


In addition, the agency requires:

An experience professional with demonstrating the following knowledge and skills:

·        5+ years Experience with Automated Testing Frameworks, Test Strategies and Test Beds.

·        5+ years Experience with HP QC, UFT, Stress Stimulus, Azure Dev Ops

·        5+ years Experience Microsoft SharePoint

·        5+ years Experience with Agile Methodologies

·        5+ years Experience with Software Testing Methodologies

·        Knowledge of Testing Tools, Testing Frameworks, Continuous Integration Methodologies

·        Knowledge of Web Application Testing, Distributed System Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Database Testing, Mobile Testing, Security Testing, Accessibility Testing, Web Service Testing.

·        Knowledge of Data Modeling and Database Design

·        Thorough understanding of standard QA best practices in an Agile environment including authoring test plans and test cases, executing tests and tracking issues to closure

·        Experience in Test Driven Development and testing tools and techniques.

·        Testing experience with Web Services (REST, SOAP, WCF) and tools such as SOAPUI and SOAP Sonar.


 Candidate must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

Work Schedule: Full-Time 40hrs - Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM

State Resources and Oversight: DCF IS Management

Security/Privacy Considerations: Comply with Vendor Qualification, DCF Child Protection Background Check, FBI Fingerprint Background Check and DCF Non-disclosure Agreement

General/Miscellaneous: This is a hybrid position and will require in office presence. In addition, the candidate must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.


Location Requirements

Candidate must be local or willing to commute or relocate. 

Candidate Must Be Local

Additional Location Details (City, State) :

Candidate must be willing to work on site 20% 505 Hudson Street Hartford, CT

Cadidate must be local and is defined as residing within a two hour drive of Hartford CT. 

Candidate must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

Background Verification

Minimum Verification Requirements

Please order the CT Dept. of Children and Families package through InfoCubic. Additionally please upload the appropriate documents upon candidate's selection. All scans must be clear and easily readable and additional verifications may be identified by the agency:

  • I-9, or E-Verify
  • Scanned copy of DL, or Passport
  • Signed Technology Policy

CT Dept. of Children and Families package through InfoCubic includes:

  • Criminal Background Searches:
    • County Criminal Records
    • Statewide Criminal Records
    • US Criminal Record Locator (USCRL)
    • Global Monitor Check (GMC)
    • National Registered Sex Offenders (NSOR)
    • Federal Criminal Records
  • Verification Checks:
    • Employment Verification
    • Education Verification
    • Professional License Verification
    • Professional/Personal Reference Check
  • Miscellaneous Checks:
    • Consent-Based Social Security Verification (CBSV)
    • County Upper Civil Court Search
    • Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)
  • 10 panel urine screening:
    • As described here.
    • This can be performed at either Quest Diagnostics or Concentra.
    • Upload results to a proposal comment.

Professional License: Does this position require a professional license validation?

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Type Category Qualification Description Competency Required
Skills Architecture AGILE - Agile Development Methodology   Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Skills Database Microsoft SQL Server   Advanced (7-9 Years) No
Skills Others Integration planning and strategy   Proficient (4-6 Years) No