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Technical Specialist - Jr. (Network Manager)
The Network Manager position is responsible for budget oversight, planning and consulting with senior leadership on the strategic direction for the organization and providing technical leadership and management for DHHS IT and data networks.

Primary Purpose of the Position

·      Providing technical leadership and managementfor DHHS IT and customer voice and data networks. This position plans anddirect the work of others and manages projects through implementation. TheNetwork Manager is the top-level IT position within the facility. This positionis responsible for budget oversight and planning and consulting with seniorleadership on the strategic direction for the organization.

·      The position may be reassigned as necessary tosupport the department’s critical needs and changing priorities. On call,travel, and overtime may be required dependent on client needs.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Recommended for thisPosition

  •        This position requires experience managing anetworked environment, a high degree of customer service, teamwork, effectivecommunications, talent development, organizational awareness, businessmanagement, and technical leadership. The employee should have experience innetworking tools and techniques. The employee must have experience in directclient contact.
  •       Provides configuration, installation, testing,security controls, and maintenance of the network infrastructure includingswitches, routers, firewalls, and wireless access points.  This position is also responsible for Windowsserver configuration, installation, support, advanced level troubleshooting,security feature implementation, data safeguarding, compliance, and systemadministration.
  •         The position oversees the user environmentconsisting of a myriad of devices including, telephone, cable infrastructure,desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, multifunction devices, camerasystems, access control systems and various other computer relatedsystems.  These responsibilities includeconfiguring, maintaining, troubleshooting, patching, or migrating end-userdevices as appropriate and within security controls.
  •        Thorough knowledge of the capabilities of datacommunications hardware and a variety of computer hardware and software.
  •        Thorough knowledge of communications protocols,software, and network architecture.


  •        Oversee the user environment consisting of amyriad of devices including, telephone, cable infrastructure, desktops,laptops, tablets, mobile devices, multifunction devices, camera systems, accesscontrol systems and various other computer related systems. Theseresponsibilities include configuring, maintaining, troubleshooting, patching,or migrating end-user devices as appropriate and within security controls.
  •      Plan and direct the work of others and manageprojects through implementation.
  •        Communicate effectively in oral and writtenform.
  •        Develop and maintain effective workingrelationships including vendors.
  •         Track and communicate operational metrics(including trending over time) and identify process and service improvementsopportunities.
  •         Participate with data or process owners onprojects such as refresh and consolidation strategies that includedinfrastructure technology updates and rollouts.
  •         Ensure that infrastructure (networks,datacenters, servers, and storage) incidents and problems are resolved in atimely and effective manner, and reduce by analyzing root causes, minimizingdisruption to business operations, and adhering to SLAs on availability andresolution response times.
  •         Align with department/division counterparts toachieve standardized operations and ensure execution of IT policies.

Education and Experience

·      Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computerengineering, information systems management or a related curriculum from anappropriately accredited institution and five years of progressive experiencein telecommunications network management, analysis or design, or trafficengineering; or bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited institutionand six years of networking related experience such as network design, analysisor network management; or Associates degree in Electronics or Networking Technologyfrom an appropriately accredited institution and six years of networkingrelated experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 

Required/Desired Skills

SkillRequired /DesiredAmountof Experience
Thorough knowledge of the capabilities of data communications hardware and a variety of computer hardware and software. Required3Years
Thorough knowledge of communications protocols, software, and network architecture. Required3Years
Knowledge of software design and modifications.Required3Years
Ability to plan and direct the work of others and manage projects through implementation.Required3Years
Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form.Required3Years
Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships including vendors.Required3Years
Ability to track and communication operational metrics (including trending over time) and identify process and service improvements opportunities.Required3Years
Ability to align with department/division counterparts to achieve standardized operations and ensure execution of IT policies.Required3Years


Question1Absences greater than two weeks MUST be approved by CAI management in advance, and contact information must be provided to CAI so that the resource can be reached during his or her absence. The Client has the right to dismiss the resource if he or she does not return to work by the agreed upon date. Do you accept this requirement?
Question2Most Work is done onsite (2 days per week is the expectation) with occasional remote expectation. *Please note- ONSITE work is a REQUIREMENT* Do you accept this requirement?
Question3Candidate must be able to attend a web-based interview. Do you accept this requirement?
Question4Please list candidate’s email address.
Question5Please indicate how soon this candidate is available to start work. Vendors are encouraged to submit candidates that are available for the duration of the assignment.
Question6Vendor must disclose to the agency if the candidate will be subcontracted at the time of submission. Do you accept this requirement?
Question7Vendor must notify the agency if any portion of the requirements listed in this task order are to be outsourced to other countries. Do you accept this requirement?
Question8Candidates submitted above the rate of - will not be considered. Do you accept this requirement?
Question9Payment for all approved hours will be paid at the straight hourly rate regardless of the total hours worked by the engaged resource. It is the responsibility of the supplier to adhere to any applicable compensation laws including payment for overtime hours. Do you accept this requirement?
Question10Please confirm you have thoroughly validated, and attest to the accuracy of, the credentials listed throughout this candidate’s VectorVMS profile and resume pursuant to Section 5.2.5 of ITS-009440. Do you confirm?
Question11Please state the University, year completed and degree received.
Question12Please state the candidate's current location- CITY/STATE