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Application Developer II

JOB SUMMARY — Write a brief summary of the position and provide specific statements describing why that role exists in the workplace.

The Developer II has responsibilities across the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from business requirements to support, but the DEV II primarily focused on development activities. Development activities including, but not limited to, working with business analysts and customers to understand requirements; working with team members to apply secure programming techniques using standards and best practices; commenting code for peers and testers; performing unit testing, configuration management, source code control, deployment and release management; and providing support services as needed. Operational support services vary in scope from minor bug fixes (tickets) to major enhancements (change orders). As an application reaches the sunset stage, the developer will participate in planning efforts around replacement and modernization. The developer operates at the application level.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES — In order of importance, list those duties and responsibilities, which are central and necessary to the performance of the job. Using clear and concise statements, explain each function, Its frequency and the expected results therein. Be sure to describe both the scope and complexity of each function.

Primary job responsibility: Application Development and Support Required tasks to fulfill primary responsibility:


·       Consult with Solution Architects, Solution Engineers, and others as appropriate to design applications in line with OIT strategies (e.g., Cloud First, Mobile First, Secure Colorado, etc.).

·       Collaborate with Business Analysts, Customers, Project Managers, and others as appropriate to assist in the creation of estimates and timelines for assigned application development projects and tasks.

·       Develop applications in line with business requirements using Agile or Waterfall methodologies as needed. Perform coding (in-house applications) or configuration management (COTS applications) in accordance with standards and best practices and further minimize defects through disciplined unit testing.

·       Coordinate update releases and other system changes, contribute to the implementation of break/fix solutions, and update documentation and configuration information related to changes as needed throughout the life cycle.

·       Organize, build, and validate all segments of the code related to a specific build (release) for final User Acceptance Testing.

·       Ensure development activities within the position's scope of responsibility are consistent with established service portfolio policies, procedures, standards and guidelines.

·       Determine the best approach in the development of an application's code to meet the customer's current requirements and anticipate future enhancement needs.

·       Identify and recommend changes to development policies, processes, templates and standard operating procedures to improve the overall quality of work delivered.

·       Collaborate across a matrix management environment with other developers and other OIT department staff as needed. Must understand lines of authority and follow protocol to engage other resources.

·       Find unique ways to resolve issues in the development process to meet the requirements of the customers and lead to the most efficient implementation possible.

Primary job responsibility: Tracking and reporting of work assigned

Required tasks to fulfill primary responsibility:

·       Working with the supervisor, develop estimates of the work effort necessary to deliver application solutions based on the project specifications provided.

·       Record time spent on work activities into the approved project tracking system.

·       Provide appropriate progress reports to the supervisor or project manager as requested.

·       Determine reasonable and accurate estimates for the completion of assigned work activities.

Primary job responsibility: Additional Duties As Assigned

Required tasks to fulfill primary responsibility:

·       Perform all other duties as assigned.

·       May be required to travel to any agency or location throughout the state to provide services.

·       May be required to submit to subsequent background screening in accordance with the policy and practice of the applicable State agency.

MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS — indicate the number of years and specific type of experience, education and training required for the job.

Work Experience:

2+ years of hands-on programming experience in applications development.


Undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in information technology, computer science, or a related field. (Substitution of relevant experience for education is a possibility, at the hiring manager's discretion.)


JOB Functional/Technical Knowledge & Skills:

·       Minimum 2-years’ experience with C#, .NET and SQL. 

·       Documented proficiency working on development platforms, using multiple programming languages. (Encourage applicant to provide copies of performance evaluations, letters of reference, etc.)

·       Documented proficiency working collaboratively with teams across the software development life cycle. (Encourage applicant to provide copies of performance evaluations, letters of reference, etc.)

·       Familiarity with delivering application prototypes and pilots in various project methodologies such as Agile and Waterfall.

·       Familiarity with using Application Programming Interfaces to integrate systems or data sources.

·       Proficiency in time and task management.

·       Proficiency with Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel.

Licenses/Certifications Required:

 No certifications required; ITIL, Agile and DevOps useful

ROLE-BASED COMPETENCIES — In order of importance, list and describe the appropriate role-based competencies that an employee must possess to fulfill the demands of this position and its primary responsibilities.


NOTE: CORE COMPETENCIES — The Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) has developed five uniform statewide core competencies: communication, interpersonal relations, customer service, accountability, and job knowledge (Visit this link for specific examples: http://goo.gl/X6d4Mn). Each of these five core competencies is relevant to the culture of the workplace for a potential employee — when considering this position in particular, a more specific set of role-based competencies is needed to satisfy the job requirements.

Role-Based Competency: Analytical thinking

Role in workplace:  Use requirements provided by Business Analysts to interpret business needs, recommend, and develop technical solutions accordingly.



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Location Requirements

Candidate must be local.

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Additional Location Details (City, State) :

Colorado residents only

Information Security Training

Information on Security Training

NOTICE: If you are hired as vendor staff who will have access to state systems or data or as a contractor for one of the state executive branch consolidated agencies, in adherence to Colorado Revised Statute § 24-37.5-401, 403, 404, 405, and 406, and Colorado Information Security Policy (CISP) 002, you will be required to self-register and complete information security training, including but not limited to review and acknowledgement of the Acceptable Use of State Data and IT Resource Policy (AUP) (CISP-018), through the consolidated agency contractor information security training site within 30 days of your contract start date and annually thereafter. Should you be awarded this contract, the state agency will provide the contractor information security training site information to you.

Background Verification

Minimum Verification Requirements

Please complete the following verifications with Info Cubic upon candidate's selection. Additional verifications may be identified by the agency.

  • State Criminal Record verification (past 7 years covering each State in which the candidate has resided)

  • County Criminal Records (past 7 Year Address History)
  • Federal Criminal Records Verification (past 7 years)

  • SSN Name Search

  • Global Monitor Check (formerly Patriot/OFAC/Terrorist)

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