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Prompt Engineer
Prompt Engineer
Alpharetta Georgia
Position description

We are looking for a candidate with experience as an LLM prompt engineer in crafting and refining prompts to efficiently interact with LLMs and guide AI models.

This rule requires a deep understanding of LLMs and of how these models respond to varying input formats and what types of creative prompting solutions elicit the desired optimal outputs.

The prompt engineer will have technical proficiency with AI model, keen linguistic acumen and a strong gasp of contextual nuances. The prompt engineer will collaborate with the data scientist’s developers, SMEs and other domain experts to ensure that prompts are optimised for the specific goals, business requirements and legal, compliance and ethical guidelines. Attention to details, adaptability to a rapidly changing environment are critical. We also expect creativity, the ability to understand the requirements of specialised knowledge domains (i.e. financial research) and to be attuned to end used expectations and experiences. The Prompt engineer will play a pivotal role in aligning AI models outputs to our Department’s varied and diverse use cases and users, including analysts, writers, editors, consumers of our content and our institutional investor clients.


• Design and develop effective prompts to interact with LLMs.
• Test and refine prompts on model responses and specific use cases and requirements.
• Collaborate with data scientists and developers.
• Analyse and interpret model outputs to improve prompt design.
• Ensure that prompts adhere to legal and compliance mandates ethical guidelines and cultural sensitivities.
• Provide expertise in NLP and AI interactions.
• Document prompt design strategies and guidelines for various use cases.
• Work closely with SMEs and domain experts to ensure prompt relevance and accuracy.
• Adapt prompts for different languages audiences and cultural context is required.
• Keep up to date on the latest developments in AI and language models.
• Over time build a basic understanding of the investment research domain.

Required skills:

• Strong background in AI machine learning and LLMs
• Experience in NLP techniques
• Familiarity with programming languages used in LLM ecosystems (python)
• Ability to communicate with technical and non-technical stakeholders.
• Collaborative work
• Strong analytical skills and superb attention to detail
• Creativity and innovation in problem solving.
• Understanding of ethical and compliance considerations for AI and NLP.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
Helpful/ desirable skills:
• Basic understanding of financial research or some experience in the financial services industry is highly preferred but not mandatory.