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PPC Campaign Manager

You have: (PPC Campaign Manager)

● 5+ years of total experience

● Professional certification in AdWords is a plus.

● Professional experience in analysis of data and reporting.

● Extensive knowledge of paid search methodologies and techniques for managing search

campaigns on Bing/Yahoo and Google

● Outstanding knowledge of analytics tools, e.g. Google Analytics, Tableau, WebTrends etc.

● General understanding of SEO and advanced digital marketing skills.

● Familiar with all Social media sites and platforms e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo etc.

● Understanding of HTML and XML will be an added benefit.

● Self-starter with a positive outlook.

● Analytical and inquisitive, with excellent attention to detail.

Passionate about biddable media with a general thirst for digital knowledge and a significant interest in

new platforms and channels.


What you’ll do: (PPC Campaign Manager)

- Come up with new campaign ideas with basic framework, then flesh out all the details when



● Develop overall strategy for new campaign launches including success metrics

● Define new campaign requirements, budgets, target audience

● Competitive and market research

● Work with other teams to ensure new campaign launch requirements are delivered

● Define targets for KPIs for new campaigns

● Coordinate with PPC Campaign Managers and PPC Ops Manager to manage transition of newly

launched campaigns

● Tracking daily, weekly & monthly KPI's to identify opportunities for new campaigns

● Coordinate projects and manage timelines across various teams within the organization